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What Are Round Spiral Ducts & Fittings

Dec 9

Spot welded, standing seam, riveted, stitch welded, solid welded, snap lock, maplewood, round spiral ducts and other forms of fitting seams are always available. Standard slip, AccuFlanges, angle rings, Spiralmate, and other types of joint connections are offered.

Pipe & Fittings, Oval

Depending on the oval size, the single and double wall oval duct and fittings manufactured range from 5′′ to 24′′ minor axis and 6ft to 10ft maximum lengths. Pipe in such diameters has a spiral seam, but pipe with a minor axis greater than 24′′ has a longitudinal seam in 5ft lengths. The oval pipe and fittings are manufactured in the United States using an unique oval pipe and fitting manufacturing method that assures appropriate fitment.

To save field installation time, AccuFlange joint connections are suggested for joining oval pipe and fittings, especially with double wall oval.

AccuFlanges or oval angle rings, as well as intermediate reinforcements, are necessary for joint connections to fulfill SMACNA deflection standards for specified oval diameters.

Non-welded oval fittings for exposed applications that are cost effective, durable, and attractive.

Ductwork With A Double Wall

Insulation thicknesses of 1′′, 2′′, 3′′, or 4′′ are available for double wall duct and fittings. Insulation has a thermal conductivity of.26 BTU•in/(hr•ft 2 •°F) and a density of 1 pound per cubic foot. A perforated inner liner may be used for acoustic and thermal advantages, while a sold inner liner can be used for solely thermal benefits. Unfaced 1lb density insulation is the most common kind of double wall round or oval insulation. To prevent insulation fibers from entering the air stream, faced or mylar or a comparable wrap may be put between the perforated metal and the insulation at an extra expense.

To save time in the field, AccuFlanges or similar are suggested for double wall joint connections.