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5 Signs Your Furnace is Not Installed Correctly and What to Do About It

Dec 18

A residential furnace in Cal City, CA can normally be installed by a qualified contractor in a day. And yet most end up not working like they're supposed to within several years after that installation.

When this happens, do you know what's causing it and what to do about this problem?

No worries! This article will tell you the cause of the issue and more!

If your system isn't working like it should be, check out these five common signs your furnace isn't installed correctly.

Your Furnace is Too Close to the Exterior Walls

This sign of a furnace that's not installed correctly can be hard to detect because you might need an infrared thermometer to see it. If your residential furnace in Cal City, CA is too close to the exterior walls, its operation will be affected. The heat will transfer through the wall and out of your house.

Most manufacturers recommend maintaining at least a 2″ air gap between the exterior wall and the furnace to prevent this from happening.

The Airflow is Out of Balance

If your house isn't as warm as it should be even though your burner is running, then the airflow might not be balanced within your system. Most furnaces have two sets of fans – one for the blower and another for the air handler.

If these fans aren't balanced, you'll have a cold zone in your home because there won't be enough heat being circulated.

This usually happens when one fan is moving more air than the other. If this is the case, only one of them will need to be replaced.

Your furnace Isn't Getting Enough Air

You won't have enough airflow if your residential furnace in Cal City, CA is too small for your home or there are blocked places in your system. It will be nearly impossible for the system to heat all areas of your home evenly if it's not getting enough airflow. For most homes, they need at least one square foot of unobstructed airflow per every 2,000 BTUs. You can calculate this by multiplying the number of BTU's by 10, dividing that number by 600, and then adding 1/3 more square footage for every floor level above the first floor.

Don't just assume that your contractor installed a big furnace for your home because you might end up with a furnace that doesn't work as it should.

Excessive Moisture in Your Home

This is something that many homeowners don't look out for. If there is too much moisture in your home, you'll end up with mold and mildew problems. Doing this will require some serious cleaning. On the bright side, you can clean these areas yourself by using bleach to wipe down surfaces, and anything else you think might have been affected by excess moisture.

Your house Doesn't Stay Warmed Long Enough at Night

The single biggest sign of a furnace that's not working properly has to do with how long your house stays warm throughout the night. There is a problem if you notice that your space gets colder at night than during the day. This means that your residential furnace in Cal City, CA isn't running as much as it should be.

This also happens when there is not enough airflow within your system or if your system can't produce enough BTUs.

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