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Tips To Prepare Your Home for Heating System Installation

Dec 22

When it comes to heating system installation in Gonzales, LA, you don't just hire HVAC contractors and wait for them to finish the installation job. Of course, you have the choice to do exactly that. But if you want the installation project to go seamless and be completed faster, there are some things you can handle that would make that possible. Let's call it the "home" side of the installation process.


Prepare For Vent Installation

Most heating units come with vents. If you're installing a brand new heating system in a new property, there may be a need to install vents, depending on the type of unit you get. You can help make the vent installation faster and easier for installers by preparing your walls or the installation area. If you have wallpapers in the installation spot, you may have to take them down. 


Clean the Work Area

You do not have to make the heating system installation area in Gonzales, LA spotless. Just make sure no clutter could get in the way of the installers. Move the furniture to other places at your home. Remove any frames hanging on the wall. It won't only make the installation process quite faster but also minimize the risks of accidents.


Cover What You Cannot Move

Cover furniture or any valuables and protect fragile items that cannot be removed from the installation area. Most heating systems are heavy and bulky. They may also have protruding parts and sharp edges. While installers are generally careful when handling the equipment and ensure no damage is done to your home and belongings, it's still better to be safe than end up with broken valuables during the heating system installation in Gonzales, LA.


Turn the Power Off

If you're installing an electric-powered heating unit, you have to cut the electricity supply to the work area to minimize any danger related to electricity. Let the installers decide when to turn the power on (which is usually needed to test whether the unit is working properly. However, you'll have to give them access to your breaker box. 


Insulate Your Home

Insulation is an essential component of energy efficiency. When it's done correctly, the heat from your home won't escape, and you can potentially save money on utility bills. Good insulation also makes a healthy environment by preventing mold growth. This step isn't required, but it will help a lot in keeping your heating unit efficient and your home comfortable in the summer. 


Inform Your Family or Any Other House Occupants

You'll want to inform any family or roommates who might be staying in your home during the installation date so they can also make necessary preparations. If they can help, ask them to clear out an area for the installers so the team won't cause inconvenience to anyone while working there. Make sure you let everyone know when things should take place and how long it may last. Sometimes people get stuck with hotel costs if there isn't enough notice about what's going on at their house/apartment complex.


Relocate the Pets

You don't have to bring the pets to a daycare. You can simply keep them in rooms that won't be used during the heating system installation in Gonzales, LA. Pets, especially dogs, can be unpredictable around strangers and may become hostile towards installers (they are strangers to them). 


Hire the Right, Trustworthy Installers

When it comes to your home, you want the best. It's no secret that not all heating contractors are the same. So be careful when hiring one. Trust no one but HVAC contractors who are licensed, bonded, or insured. So in case an accident happens in the process, you're protected.


If you're searching for a trusted heating system installation contractor in Gonzales, LA, you can check out Fire and Ice Heating & Air LLC. Visit their website to learn more about the company and their services or contact the team at (225) 954-2312.