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How to Find the Right Sump Pump for Your Property

Dec 30

If your residential property is built in a low-lying area, chances are you’ve experienced basement or crawlspace flooding. And you surely would know how inconvenient, costly, and even risky flooding could be. It can be quite a nightmare, especially if you’ve been storing valuables in the basement. 


To prevent the nightmare from happening again, install a sump pump. If you already have one, make sure it’s in its tip-top shape. Hire a sump pump installation or repair expert in Chicago, IL if need be.


But to make sure the sump pump can effectively prevent flooding, make sure it is the right one and is installed correctly.

Do I Really Need A Sump Pump?


So, your home isn’t located in a flood-prone area. Should you still purchase a sump pump? 


Your basement doesn’t have to be filled with water from heavy downpours for you to schedule a sump pump installation & repair service in Chicago, IL. A sump pump removes any excess water that comes from irrigation systems or melting snow. The equipment will also remove any water from appliance leaks that made their way to your basement.


In general, a properly working sump pump will keep your basement dry. Therefore, you may use it as a storage area or even a play area for your kids. 


And when there’s no stagnant water in the basement, no mold and mildew will grow. Mold and mildew thrive in damp and dark places. With these fungi at bay, your home will stay smelling nice and fresh as long as you also vacuum and clean other areas of your place.

What Sump Pump Type Do I Need?


Sump pumps come in two types: the submersible type and the pedestal pump.


It helps to know your options before calling a licensed sump pump installation and repair company in Chicago, IL. 


As the name implies, the submersible sump pump is completely submerged in the water in the sump basin. It’s often the most preferred type of sump pump, especially for people who live in areas that experience frequent heavy downpours. This type of sump pump, however, requires a larger sump pit. The pit should be large enough to fit the equipment.


With a pedestal pump, the motor is placed on top of the pit. The motor isn’t waterproof. It’s primarily used for situations where the hole is too shallow or narrow.


In addition to these two main types of a sump pump, there’s also the backup sump pump which can be air-powered or battery-powered. The primary sump pumps are typically electric-powered. The backup sump pump will give you peace of mind knowing that your basement will remain dry even when the electricity goes out.

Sump Pump Material Matters

When you pay for a sump pump installation and repair service in Chicago, IL, you want to make the most of your payment. Chances are, you want your sump pump to last for as long as possible. 


Many factors affect the sump pump’s expected service life. One of which is the material the system is made of. 


Sump pumps can be made either of stainless steel, heavy cast iron, and high-grade plastic. Sump pumps made of high-grade plastic are generally budget-friendly. The ones made of stainless steel and heavy cast iron may be a bit costly. The former material, however, has anti-corrosion properties while the latter boasts its cooling ability.

Other Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a sump pump, check out the following:

  • Horsepower - Find a sump pump that’s powerful enough to remove all water in your basement. A low-flow sump pump with ⅓ horsepower may suffice in areas with moderate to low water accumulation. A more powerful sump pump would be needed in flood-prone areas.
  • Screen - Low-end sump pump often comes with a screen that prevents any debris from reaching the impeller. It requires maintenance to avoid clogging. On the other hand, higher-end sump pumps can process solid material and move it away from the property alongside the water. But convenience can be pricey.
  • Alarm - This will allow you to know when the water in the pit reaches a certain point
  • Manual or automatic - Do you want to operate the equipment manually or prefer just to leave it alone and do its thing?


When overwhelmed by options, don’t hesitate to seek help. Goode Plumbing has sump pump specialists who are adept in sump pump installation and repair in Chicago, IL. Contact the team for your plumbing needs today!