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Furnace Installation Process: What To Expect

Mar 15

You don't want to get stuck with a broken furnace in the coldest time of winter. Good thing you just bought a new one! If you're reading this blog because you want to add furnace installation in White Oak, TX as your next DIY project because it seems easy enough, think again.

This post will share the following steps to help homeowners see how complex furnace installation can be. So even if you consider yourself someone with some technical background knowledge about heaters, it might still be best to leave this undertaking to the experts.

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Take the Old Heater Out

Sounds too easy? Well, it might just catch you by surprise knowing that this is the most laborious part of the process, and in the majority of cases, it's also the most time-consuming. 

It's more than just removing the old heating system. For example, the HVAC contractors have to make sure nothing gets damaged or knocked out of place when they remove it, especially if your old heating system is already connected to your gas line.

Also, sizing matters- a lot! HVAC experts always make sure that the furnace is sized appropriately for the space in which it is being installed. And they don't just mean that the furnace must slide into place. 

This also means that the furnace system must neither be overpowered nor underpowered. That's why professionals perform the task of taking a heat load calculation. Otherwise, you can get stuck with a poorly performing furnace. 

Attach the Connections

Following the installation of the new furnace, which is usually done by bolting it to the floor the next step for furnace installation in White Oak, TX is to connect the system to the elements needed for its operation.

Ductwork or ventilation systems fall into this step. To prevent damage to the ductwork, the furnace must be connected to it correctly. During this process, air ducts typically need to be shifted and adjusted. This step can lead to mistakes if not handled carefully.

Our technicians then connect your furnace to its power source. Safety as always is the top priority making this step crucial. Connecting your gas line requires the expertise of a specially licensed HVAC professional.

Wiring comes last. All heating systems, even those running on gas, have some sort of electrical wiring. This step runs the risk of fire accidents when not done right. Hence, only trust a trained and experienced heating installer for a job of this caliber.

Time to Test Your New Heating System

Last but not least, you must test your furnace. Any HVAC professional cannot leave without completing this necessary step. This enables you to check that your new heating system is working as efficiently as it's supposed to. It should also guarantee to be safe as it's meant to be.  

The technician should turn on the new furnace and measure the intake and airflow. This final step confirms that the new heating system's performance is efficient and safe.

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