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Why Your Air Conditioner's Fan Stops Running

Apr 8

ac installationAn AC fan blows cold air in and out of any home with the help of the motor. But like any other HVAC component, it can break down with frequent use, which can be frustrating and expensive.


A fan that stops running will require proper care, and a local HVAC contractor that provides comprehensive AC installation in Clackamas, OR will be of great help. But as a homeowner, you can't help but wonder why your fan stops. The following are some reasons you should know:


The Batteries Are Dead

An air conditioner fan will stop running if the batteries are dead. Replace the old batteries with new ones before turning the fan on again. So, it would be time-saving and convenient to have some extra batteries in your drawer for emergency purposes.


A Fuse Or Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

Sometimes when an air conditioner is operating, it can trip a fuse or circuit breaker in your home's electrical system. If this happens, reset the fuse or flip the circuit breaker back on and try turning on the air conditioner's fan again after five minutes have passed.


However, avoid resetting the fuse over and over again, especially when your AC does not turn on. It is best to contact a company of AC installation in Clackamas, OR.


Dirty Fan

If dust collects in your AC or accumulates around the unit, it can cause problems. One of those problems is the fan stopping when too much dust has gathered around the blades. To help prevent this, vacuum or sweep areas near your unit to remove dust and debris.


The Fan Motor Has Burned Out

If you've tried using your remote control to turn the fan on, but nothing happens, then the culprit could be the fan motor. If this is the case, you would need to replace it. But what if only one side of the fan isn't working? If yes, there's a chance that something is obstructing it from rotating properly.


Before removing any objects around the blades, make sure to turn off the power. Also, a technician with expertise in AC installation in Clackamas, OR can assist you throughout the process.


The Fan Is Blocked By A Closed Window

When a window or door stops air flowing into a room, don't be surprised when the fan will not work properly. To correct this issue, open more windows and doors in your home to allow enough air in the room to circulate.


A Wire Has Come Loose

Another reason why your HVAC fan does not switch on even if you correctly use the remote control, it's possible that the wires have come loose. You can inspect the wiring right away and when they are disconnected, try to reconnect them.


But if you don't have prior experience or tools, you can leave the job to quality AC installation in Clackamas, OR from the right specialist.


Blocked Fan Blade

Sometimes when an air conditioner is running, its blades will stop spinning if something gets trapped in it. This can be anything from a large piece of paper, sticky residue on the blades, and even insects and lint that might collect around your home's AC.


To prevent this from happening, clean out your appliance regularly by vacuuming all particles that collect around the blades and the unit itself.


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