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8 Tips for Troubleshooting HVAC Problems

Jun 12

There is no such thing as a great time for your HVAC system to fail, and the winter season are a particularly bad time to be left without heating. It is essential to routinely get expert maintenance for your HVAC system, but even the best-maintained system can fail at the worst time.

While you must call in the professionals for routine maintenance and any needed repair work, there are a couple of things you can do yourself to help fix common HVAC problems and keep your HVAC system running smoothly and help repair any problems if they take place.

What is HVAC?

HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning. Your AC, Heat Pump, and/or heating system are all parts of a total HVAC system.

While numerous HVAC problems need an expert touch, some concerns can be quickly and rapidly detected. Here are a few places to start:

8 HVAC Repairing Tips

Make Sure Your HVAC System Has Power

It might seem not likely, but a surprisingly a great deal of HVAC issues can have simple solutions. If your system isn't turning on, the first step is to dismiss basic problems like absence of power.

Start by inspecting your breaker, and ensuring it hasn't turned or blown a fuse. Attempt turning the breaker and waiting a couple of seconds before turning it back on.

Try Resetting Your HVAC System

If something isn't working, one of the first steps is to reset the system. Every heating system, air conditioning unit, or heatpump has a different reset technique. Inspect your owner's manual to find out how to reset the system. If you don't have the manual, you can discover them online by browsing the model variety of the system.

Make Sure Your Heater Door is Closed

Lots of heaters have a switch that prevents them from running when the service door is open. If the furnace isn't producing any heat, open the service door and shut it once again. Check to make sure that whatever is shut tightly and then attempt to turn the heating system on again.

Check the Thermostat for Problems

Thermostats are typically the cause of many HVAC issues. A malfunctioning thermostat can result in various outcomes, consisting of the system switching on at the incorrect time or not switching on at all. One of the primary steps is ensuring that the thermostat has power. If it is battery-operated, attempt altering the batteries, even if it appears to be working fine.

If the thermostat is getting power, check and make certain your temperature settings haven't been altered. Incorrect temperature level settings could be caused by children, the thermostat resetting, or simply buttons being pressed inadvertently. Ensure all your settings are right before carrying on from your thermostat.

Install a New Filter in Your Heater or air conditioning

If your HVAC system hasn't been working quite too recently, the air coming out of the vents seems dusty or humid, or it has actually been a very long time considering that your system has actually gotten maintenance, it might be time for a brand-new filter. Dirty or old filters can reduce air quality, lead to inadequacy, and minimize air flow from your vents.

While you may have the ability to change air filters yourself, it is best to have an expert carry out the upkeep. An HVAC service technician will be able to properly keep your system and spot prospective concerns when they change the filter.

Check all Vents for Blockages

If particular parts of your house aren't getting heated or cooled effectively, it is important to examine your vents. Sometimes, a vent can get shut or covered without you noticing. Inspect to make sure that vents are free from dirt, dust, or foreign items that might obstruct the circulation of air.

Turn off the Air Conditioner

In the summer season, if your air conditioner has actually been on for a prolonged quantity of time, it is possible for parts to freeze preventing them from effectively cooling. If your air conditioner doesn't seem to be cooling, switch off the AC and turn on the fan for a while before trying to utilize it again. If this doesn't repair it, or the problem takes place regularly, it is time to hire the professionals.

Inspect Furnace and Air Conditioning Wires

Sometimes wires get detached or damaged. This can be more common for outside air conditioning units, where exposed wires can be harmed by landscaping devices. If your system won't begin, it can't injure to check. Make sure to be mindful and don't deal with any possibly harmed or exposed wires, as they might bring the danger of shock.

Contacting an AC Repair Company

If troubleshooting your HVAC problems aren't working, it might be time to contact the professionals. Do your research, which includes researching HVAC repair company reviews.