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When Should You Hire Professional HVAC Companies in Fort Meyers?

Jun 25

HVAC systems promote air circulation in hot and cold weather. Moreover, they enhance the indoor air quality in Fort Myers, FL, thus keeping respiratory complications at bay. For this reason, they require frequent maintenance and servicing to remain in good operating conditions.

Coastal Cooling Inc. is a highly rated AC Contractor in Fort Meyers. We install, replace, and repair air conditioners of various models to help clients enjoy quality indoor air conditions.

If you have an air conditioning system, you may contact us for help under the following circumstances.

Installing a New Unit

When installing an AC unit for the first time, you need a professional team to do it correctly. A reputable AC Installation Fort Myers will help you identify the right AC size for your home and follow the right installation procedure.

Coastal Cooling Inc. is the undisputed Air Conditioner Installer in Fort Meyers. We work with top brands to ensure you get durable, high-quality components for your AC unit. Plus, we follow professional procedures when installing your unit so that you won’t experience hiccups arising from wrong installations.

Strange Noises and Leakages 

Unusual noises coming from the air conditioning indicate an underlying malfunction. On the other hand, unusual leakages from the system could imply a problem with the refrigeration unit, which requires AC Contractors in Fort Meyers to fix. If not fixed urgently, you could be at risk of inhaling poisonous refrigerants from the system. 

Coastal Cooling Inc. has experienced staff and modern tools to inspect every AC unit. We will identify the cause of the malfunction and fix it immediately so you continue enjoying a conducive indoor environment.

High Indoor Temperatures

Sometimes, your AC unit won’t cool the indoor air even after setting the thermostat. As a result, your indoor temperatures may be extremely high, especially during summer. An AC Contractor Fort Myers will come in handy to help you fix the problem.

Technicians at Coastal Cooling Inc. can troubleshoot heating problems on your AC unit, identify, and solve the cause. Our technicians will be at your premises within hours to repair or replace the system if necessary when you call us.

Routine Maintenance and Replacement

AC units require an annual inspection and routine maintenance to stay in top shape. Therefore, when your system is due for scheduled maintenance, it may be time to call an expert. Additionally, replacing an old unit is a fairly complicated procedure that requires a professional AC Repair Fort Myers to do it correctly.

Coastal Cooling boasts of professional maintenance and replacement of all AC models. Simply call us, and we’ll respond promptly.

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