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10 Common AC Problems You May Encounter

Aug 25

hvacAt one point or another, your air conditioner will encounter some problems. Some of these problems will be more serious than others, but all of them will be a nuisance in one way or another. A few of these issues can be fixed with help from an expert in AC repair in Mustang, OK, but it is always best to err on the side of caution and let the pros do the fixing.

1. The air conditioner doesn't turn

It does not always mean your air conditioning unit is completely broken and requires a replacement. Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit. But more serious issues such as low refrigerant charge, a faulty thermostat, and a clogged drain pan could also be the reasons. 


2. The air conditioner doesn't cool

Your air conditioner may run but not cool your room. It happens for many reasons, such as clogged filters, dirty coils, low refrigerant charge, and oversized AC units. A licensed and experienced  AC repair technician in Mustang,OK will be able to identify and fix the problem quickly.


3. The air conditioner turns on and off frequently.

If your air conditioner turns on and off too often, it could indicate that the unit is too small for the space it's trying to cool. It could also be due to a thermostat issue, dirty coils, or restricted airflow.


4. The air conditioner blows warm air.

Several things could cause your air conditioner to blow warm air. One possibility is that the unit is low on refrigerant. Another potential issue is that the compressor isn't working properly. It could also be due to a problem with the evaporator coils or a dirty air filter. Don't suffer; schedule an  AC repair in Mustang, OK once you notice your AC is blowing warm air.


5. The air conditioner makes strange noises.

You may hear your air conditioner making weird noises. It happens when the unit's parts start to wear out. It could also be due to a loose component or an object caught in the fan. One thing is for sure; you should get the unit checked out by a professional if you hear odd sounds.


6. The conditioned air smells bad.

Bad smells can come from dirt buildup, faulty electrical components, animals stuck in the ductwork, and mold growth. If you notice any bad smells coming from your air conditioner, have it checked out by an expert in  AC repair in Mustang, OK as soon as possible.


7. The air conditioner is leaking water.

An air conditioner produces gallons of water when running. So leaking water is one of the common issues you can face. Leaking water is usually due to a clogged drain line or a problem with the evaporator coils. It could also be due to an issue with the drain pan.


8. The coils are frozen.

Frozen coils are usually due to a low refrigerant level or restricted airflow. If the coils get too cold, they can start to ice over.


9. Electrical issues

Air conditioners have a lot of electrical components. If any of these components are damaged or loose, it can cause the unit to malfunction. For your safety, make sure to call an expert in AC repair in Mustang, OK instead of attempting to fix the issue yourself.


10. Faulty installation

It's not very common but could happen especially when you hire an unqualified technician to install your unit. A faulty installation can cause many problems, such as water leaks, low refrigerant levels, and electrical issues.


Remember that these are only some of the most common problems you may encounter with your air conditioner. If you're having any issues with your unit, it's always best to contact a professional for help.


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