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Can anyone install an air conditioner?

Sep 7

Although air conditioning is available in 87 percent of Arizona homes, central air conditioning systems are the most popular due to their ease of use and accessibility. You might be wondering if you can turn on whole-house cooling by yourself. The answer is yes.

Benefits of Installing Your Air Conditioning System

  • Learning a New Ability There are many things to love about learning a new skill or feeling accomplished when completing a DIY project. After painting a room or installing new flooring, you can reflect and be proud of your work.
  • HVAC companies get a contractor rate for air conditioners for a less expensive initial investment. This is especially true if they are working with manufacturers. However, labor costs remain. A home improvement store can almost always save money when you buy an air conditioner.
  • Consumer Choice- Although most HVAC companies would recommend a specific brand or model, homeowners who source and install their units completely control the operation. You can order the brand you prefer from your local HVAC shop, but they may not carry it.

What are the Drawbacks of Installing Your Air Conditioning System

  • Duration of the Job It can be much more challenging to complete a project if you do it yourself than if someone else is responsible. It can take longer to install an AC unit yourself, especially if you are not experienced in HVAC work. Your time will be more expensive because you won't get paid.
  • Certification Requirements If you are installing an air conditioner that requires refrigerant or replacing it, you will need to obtain a special certificate. An EPA certification can be obtained by passing an exam and paying a fee. You will need the same card to purchase additional refrigerants or correct a charge on a new device.
  • Manual Labor Most DIY projects can be exhausting. HVAC, however, can be complicated. It can be time-consuming to work with ductwork, haul heavy equipment and ensure the wiring is done correctly and safely.
  • Long-term costs - Installing your AC unit yourself could void the warranty. Most AC units require licensed technicians to install them. You will also lose energy if you don't know how to properly seal your ductwork and fit it into your new unit. This can lead you to significant increases in your energy bills.

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