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Air conditioning Installation in Perth: WestOz Trades Air Conditioning Repair Services

Mar 10

When it comes to air con installation in Perth, there are a whole lot of elements to consider. From the type of system that you must the installation course of, it is vital to have a strong understanding of what's involved. Fortunately, Westoz Trades Air Conditioning is right here to help. With years of expertise within the business, we know precisely what it takes to put in a top-quality air con system that can preserve you snug all year long. On this article, we'll cover the whole lot it's essential to know about air con set up in Perth.

Selecting the Proper System

Air Conditioning InstallationStep one in air conditioning set up is choosing the right system for your needs. There are a few different types of air con techniques to consider, including:

Cut up Methods: Cut up systems consist of two units - an indoor unit and an out of doors unit. They're a common selection for owners as a result of they're relatively straightforward to install and can be used to cool one or multiple rooms.

  • Ducted Techniques: Ducted methods are designed to cool a complete house. They consist of a central unit that's related to a collection of ducts that run all through the home.
  • Multi-Split Programs: Multi-break up systems are just like cut up programs, but they help you cool multiple rooms using a single outdoor unit.

At Westoz Trades Air Conditioning, we might help you select the proper system on your needs based mostly in your budget, the dimensions of your property, and other essential factors.

The Installation Course of

As soon as you've chosen the fitting air conditioning system to your wants, it's time to begin the set up process. This is what you possibly can anticipate:

Site Inspection: Our group will visit your house to evaluate the positioning and decide the best location for the indoor and outdoor units.
Design and Planning: We'll work with you to design a customized air-con system that meets your specific wants and budget.
Set up: Our skilled technicians will install the indoor and outdoor models, in addition to any crucial ductwork or wiring.
Testing and Commissioning: As soon as the installation is full, we'll check the system to ensure it is working correctly and make any vital adjustments.
Ongoing Upkeep

After your air-con system is put in, it is necessary to maintain up with regular upkeep to make sure it continues to work properly. Some of the most essential maintenance tasks include:

  • Cleaning the Filters: Dirty filters can prohibit airflow and cause your system to work more durable than it wants to. Make certain to clean or replace your filters on a daily basis.
  • Checking the Refrigerant Ranges: Low refrigerant ranges may cause your system to cease working properly. In the event you discover that your air-con is not working as properly correctly, it may be time to examine the refrigerant levels.
  • Checking for Leaks: Leaks in your ductwork could cause cool air to escape, lowering the efficiency of your system. Ensure that to test your ductwork for leaks on a daily basis.

At Westoz Trades Air Conditioning, we offer ongoing maintenance providers to help hold your air-con system working smoothly.


Installing a new air conditioning system could be a major funding, but it surely's value it to stay comfy in the scorching Perth climate. At Westoz Trades Air Conditioning, we're committed to helping you find the proper system to your wants and ensuring that it is installed properly. Whether you are looking for a cut up system to cool a single room or a ducted system to chill your entire house, we have the experience to get the job done right. Contact us right this moment to be taught more about our air-con set up providers in Perth.

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